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The When and Why of PPC Advertising

In today’s insight we want you to walk away with an understanding of :

  1. Knowing where PPC fits into the whole internet marketing thing
  2. When you should use PPC and
  3. If you should do it yourself or outsource to a specialist

Knowing where PPC fits into the while internet marketing thing

Given there is so much noise and hype about Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising or you may also know it as “Adwords” (which is Google’s PPC product name) it is important to first understand where it fits in. To know that is to understand the only true formula for a successful sales focused website which is :

Traffic + Conversions = Profits

PPC by itself is a traffic generating tactic and when done correctly will drive traffic to your site almost immediately. However for a PPC campaign to deliver tangible business results that will lead to profits you also need to take care of what you want the visitor to do when they get to your site.

You need to be clear right at the outset that PPC is one of many options to generate traffic to your site but without considering conversions it can be a waster of time and money. Other than some of the examples given below it’s best to ensure your conversion objectives are established before spending a lot of money on traffic generating tactics such as PPC.

When you should use PPC

  • Once you have established your sales focused site and your conversion objectives and require almost immediate traffic to complete your sales process.
  • To help define or assist in understanding what is working and how to improve your conversion process. Ie to create traffic so you can analyse it.
  • To compliment your SEO or other traffic generating campaigns because based on your conversion rate and objectives you need more traffic than they are generating.
  • To provide immediate traffic while you work on a SEO campaign that will take at least 4-6 months to kick in and start delivering the level of traffic you need.
  • As part of your traffic generating marketing mix so you can then determine which campaign works best for you.

Should you do it yourself or outsource to a specialist

There are plenty of tutorials, tools, ebooks, blogs, newsletters and experts available should you have the time, inclination or very little budget and want to do it yourself. We thought the best way for you to decide would be to review a Quick Guide to Pay Per Click Advertising from a very well respected internet marketer, Ken McCarthy, so please follow the link.

Take a look at it as he does have some great tips in there and then ask yourself is this the sort of thing I want to be spending my time on or am I best to outsource it to a specialist. If you are located within Australia we know of PPC specialists who offer to do it for you from a one of $200 set up fee and then a $200 a month management fee. Any actual ad spend is on top of that. That’s about the bets deal we have come across and is perfect to help you get started.

Normally speaking and for a busy business who doesn’t have the inhouse skills we would always recommend outsourcing to a specialist but read the doc and you be the judge


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