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Key Website and Campaign Stats to Measure Against

With all the reports and information available to you today it often gets confusing as to how to properly measure or understand if you are performing well or not. In this blog we provide a list of key website and email campaign stats that you can use as a benchmark to measure the success of your website or campaigns you conduct.

Conversion Rate ( 1.8% )

The average website conversion rate which is the number of conversion objectives (ie what you want your visitor to do when they get to your site) divided into the number of visitors to your site is 1.8%. If you are performing better than this then it may pay to adopt some traffic generation tactics to drive more visitors to your site as all things being equal should result in generating more sales opportunities. If less than 1.8% it may pay to review and adopt some conversion optimisation techniques. Normally some trial and error approaches based on sound analysis and customer feedback or survey’s.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides a great dashboard of useful stats and although the results do depend on your site objectives and layout here is a guide for the average corporate/business website :

  • A bounce rate below 20% is good. This is the number of visitors that come to your site and run away quickly without visiting any other pages. Once you start getting over 20% you may need to look at conversion optimization techniques to get it back under control.
  • An average of 3-5 pages views is a good benchmark. Obviously the more the better with below 3 indicating more work and analysis required.
  • You really want your visitors to be spending at least 3 minutes of their time on your site on average. Generally speaking the longer the better.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords provides a good level of reporting for any campaigns that you run with them. Listed below are some typical stats to benchmark against :

  • A click through rate (CTR) of between 2-3% is acceptable. Anything over 3% is good and anything under 2% obviously needs some attention.
  • The average cost per click (CPC) does vary depending on how competitive the keyword is but as a guide it typically is between $1 and $2. Anything below is good but does depend on the other measures. ie if you are paying $5 a keyword but are getting a clikc through rate than then converts into a sales opportunity it may very well be worth the investment.

Email Campaigns

These stats have been taken from latest Australian Email Marketing Metrics Report: Jan-Jun 2009 and relate to email marketing campaigns conducted in Australia. As they are averages you would be wanting to ensure that you are doing better or taking note of the results.

  • The average open rate for 1000plus emails being sent is 24%. For between 5-499 emails it is 35%. Generally speaking the open rate is higher for smaller email lists.
  • The unique click through rate is just under 5% for 1000 plus lists and as high as 9% for 5-499 emails sent. This is normally the action you want them to take from opening your email.
  • The unique click through rate as a % of unique open emails is 20% for 1000 plus emails being sent. So of the % that open your email 20% then click through.
  • The average bounce rate is 7.2%. Emails that come back to you for whatever reason.
  • Sunday is the best day of the whole week for people to open your emails followed by Monday, Thurs, Tues and Wed. Friday is the worse day so typically don’t send email campaigns out on a Friday.
  • 52% of all receipents open an email within 8 hours of delivery. 75% within 24 hours and 5.1% after 17 days. So the message there is to keep your campaign current for at least 20 days to be sure.

Hope that helps in some way and if you want to share any stats you have that you are not quite sure what they mean please comment below.

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