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What to focus on next – Traffic or Conversions ?

In this insight we provide an overview for helping you to decide what area of your sales focused website you should focus on nextTraffic or Conversions ?

The good news is that from a big picture perspective you really only have 2 choices :

  1. Traffic generation campaigns (eg. PPC and SEO) or
  2. Conversion optimisation techniques to help improve your conversion rates

(Whilst you could also elect to do a combination of both, for the purpose of this insight we will keep it simple).

To define which of these two areas you should focus on first you have to understand and apply the traffic x conversion = profits formula to your website.

Traffic being the number ofvisitors you need to attract to your site and conversions being whatever action you want those visitors to take once they get there.

Pre Requisites

  1. Access to your website stats or Google Analytics. If you haven’t set up your Google Analytics or are not sure how to find these stats then that’s your next step – set it up or ask your hosting provider or current developer to assist.
  2. You have determined your conversion objectives . Ie what action you want your visitor to take once they get to your site. Some typical examples are :
    1. Make a phone enquiry
    2. Complete a form
    3. Place an order
    4. Subscribe to your mailing list or blog
    5. Capture feedback or email addresses

Determine your “Gap” or Benchmark

You cant decide what area to focus on next without having a picture of how your are currently performing against what you actually want to achieve. You cant know how much effort or work will be involved until you can determine the “gap” between where you are now and where you want to be.

Apply the formula to your business

The stats will provide useful information around the level of  traffic/visitors, where they have come from and what they do when they get to your site. Knowing and then tracking yourconversion objectives then allows you to define the formula as it relates to your business. More importantly it allows you to determine your conversion rates. The end result is you have been able to take a big picture view and based on some industry benchmarks or your own business objectives you are now in a much better position to determine what area to focus on next.

Conversion rate example

Let’s take a moment to provide a quick guide on how todetermine your conversion rate. For this exercise we are going to keep things simple and have phone enquiries as your main conversion objective. Let’s assume youare generating 300 visitors to your site a month and you know that each month you are currently generating 3 phone enquiries.

Your currentconversion rate = 1% (ie 300 visitors / 3 enquiries & expressed as a %)

Do this now for your business and determine your current conversion rate.

Traffic or Conversions ?

The average website conversion rate is 1.8% (for this insight we shall also use that as your business benchmark) so once you have determined what your rate is how does it compare against this benchmark. The answer to that then provides you with the following options :

  • If your current website conversion rate is below 1.8% then in the short term it might be best to focus on conversion optimization techniques. Driving traffic costs money, time and resources so do ensure you are happy with your conversion rate before investing heavily in traffic campaigns.
  • If your conversion rate is above 1.8% then in the short term it might be best to focus on traffic generation tactics. By turning up the level of traffic and maintaining your conversion rate you will automatically get more conversion actions ie phone enquiries.

Obviously, it can get a lot more involved but we hope the above has been able to provide you with a big picture guide and a great place to start. For a more detailed analysis and discussion please feel free to give us a call or visit our site for more tips and tools.

All the very best

Richard Ferguson

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Do you suffer from Brochure Site Syndrome ?

Brochure Site Syndrome (BSS) is a set of signs and symptoms that indicate you have been unable to successfully transition to a sales focused website with the outcome that it is hurting your business and costing you time and money.

The brochure or business card site is sooooo yesterday and in today’s competitive environment if you have the opportunity to build or upgrade your site then you need to be aware of BSS so you can jump straight to developing a sales focused website.

Not only does BSS cost you time and money but it can hurt your brand and send the wrong message about your business. A business that suffers from BSS will create doubt in your prospects mind, create unnecessary objections and lengthen your sales process.

How to recognise if you have BSS :

  • You still consider your website to be an annoying expense (as opposed to an ongoing investment).
  • You haven’t updated your website in the last 3 months.
  • You keep apologising to prospects, clients and networks about the state ofyour site.
  • You still think that having something on your site is better than not having one at all.
  • You still believe in the “build it and they will come” philosophy.
  • You don’t have a blog.
  • You wish the whole social media thing would go away so you don’t have to worry about any of it.
  • You don’t understand why people no longer choose to trust or believe what you write about your business and products.
  • You don’t want to have to spend money or time or allocate resources to attend to your site.
  • The web doesn’t apply to your business. You don’t want to attract “those” sort of people as clients.
  • Once upon a time someone told you your website was good so you don’t see any need to change anything.
  • You feel it’s all a conspiracy to get you to spend more time and money on marketing.
  • You want instant results and don’t understand why you would have to allocate an ongoing monthly investment into your website.
  • You are still thinking you can develop a sales focused website for a small one of expense.

If you have any of the above symptoms then consult your web adviser immediately.

Have an amazing day

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