Useful Web Tools

Other Useful Web Tools

At the risk of portraying a Google Vs the rest of the world approach we thought it better to present a fresh page for a selection of other useful web tools. Again these web tools and comments are directed at busy business owners with a limited understanding of the web.

Tool : WordPress

Address :

Purpose : Created as a platform to start your own blog site we often direct v.small business owners to it if they are wanting to establish a brochure type site with no budget.

Ease of use : Easy to get started and to create an online presence but can be time consuming with a steep learning curve but you cant complain about the price. Lack of business support can be an issue for businesses.

Cost : Free


Tool : AWeber

Address : click here

Purpose : A great web tool for automating, segmenting, capturing opt-ins, running your email campaigns, newsletters and regular communications with your client base.

Ease of use : Easy to use although you will need to allocate some time to learning and doing it well.

Cost : Free trail then from US$19 a month.


Tool : TechSmith’s Snagit

Address :

Purpose : A really useful and handy web tool where you can capture any image, webpage or anything that is presented on your computer. Great for presentations, updating your website, highlighting what’s not working, sending messages with examples of what you mean etc… We use it all the time.

Ease of use : Real Easy. Point and click or drag and click stuff.

Cost : Free trail then one of cost of US$49.95


Tool : Crazy Egg

Address :

Purpose : A great web tool to help you understand how visitors are using your site so you can constantly improve it. They advise where people are clicking and the paths (heatmaps) they use plus other useful information.

Ease of use : Easy to use but as always requires some experience to be able to properly interpret the data.

Cost : from US$9 a month


Tool : Kampyle

Address :

Purpose : A great web tool for capturing feedback from your website visitors and then being able to analyse the responses to improve your website. Attractive buttons you place on your website.

Ease of use : Pretty straight forward to set up and use although it pays to remember this is a web tool and requires you to know what you need to ask and how to interpret the responses.

Cost : They have a free version


Tool : Survey Monkey

Address :

Purpose : As the name suggests this is a really good web tool for doing surverys either via your website or sending out to your mailing list. Great for getting the feedback you need to improve your business.

Ease of use : Easy to use with a comprehensive set of question types to choose from and useful templates with lots of guidance.

Cost : They have a free version


Tool : User testing

Address :

Purpose : A fantastic alternative to the likes of Survey Monkey and Kampyle as you can organise to get quick and useful feedback from a group of people who you can choose. Good if you dont have a ready made group or are not getting a lot of traffic or simply want a quickish response.

Ease of use : Fairly straight forward and good that you can choose who you want to ask via feedback left from other users.

Cost : From US$29 for one campaign


Tool : Tinyurl

Address :

Purpose : To convert really long url’s with lots of meaningless characters in them to a tiny url that you can then easily post or send to people. Good for using on social media sites like Twitter or keeping the message short in your emails.

Ease of use : Very straight forward and there is even an option where you can choose the words however most of the good ones have already been taken.

Cost : Free



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