Useful Google Tools

Tool : Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Address : Click here

Purpose : Use to help identify your online market potential and what keywords are being used to search for your products and services.

Ease of use : The web tool itslef is very easy to use but you do need to put yourself in your customers shoes to identify the keywords to start with. Google helps a lot with comparisons once you get going.

Cost : Free to use the web tool


Tool : Google Insights for Search

Address :

Purpose : To better define and understand which keywords to use. This web tool allows you to compare keywords across time, regions and categories so you can make better informed decisions about which keyword will work best for your situation.

Ease of use : As with the keyword tool above the web tool itself is easy to use and provides great graphs and information to make your decision or web strategy easier to implement.

Cost : Free to use the web tool


Tool : Google Analytics

Address :

Purpose : Critical web tool for helping you to understand and measure your sites perfromance and areas that may need attention.

Ease of use : A little tricky to get set up as you need to insert code onto your website and in the right place. Once established the reporting speaks for itself however it does help to have experience in knowing what to look for and how to utilise some of the more advanced options such as goals and funnels.

Cost : Free to use


Tool : Google Alerts

Address :

Purpose : Useful web tool for keeping up to speed on what is happening in your industry, with your competitors, with your prospects, what is being said or written about your products/services or just about anything relating to what is of interest to you.

Ease of use : Easy to use but do give consideration to the phrases or keywords you set up as it can return some way out there responses. It is sometimes like the needle in the haystack but can be invaluable info.

Cost : Free to use


Tool : Google Webmaster

Address :

Purpose : A range of web tools and reports to further assist you with keeping your website functioning at an optimium level. Google seem to use it as a tool to give you feedback about what is working or can be improved.

Ease of use : Similar to Google Analytics – its a bit tricky to get set up but once estblished the reports are most useful. Can be left to more experienced players but is a necessary web tool.

Cost : Free to use


Tool : Google Website Optimiser

Address :

Purpose : As the name suggests this web tool is about optimising your site by allowing you to set up tests and experiements to see what page layout, content or offer will work best.

Ease of use : Would have to say this is for more advanced users and when you have established your sales focused website, are generating a reasonable amount of traffic and are planning on running lots of campaigns.

Cost : Free to use


Tool : Google Adwords Pay Per Click

Address :

Purpose : To run your pay per click advertising campaign and drive immediate traffic to your website.

Ease of use : Fairly straight forward and Google even offer a “starter camapign” plus there are heaps of tutorials out there as to how to use effectively. However for the busy business owner serious about driving a decent amount of traffic we would suggest outsourcing to a specialist.

Cost : Yes – depends on how much you want to budget and how much traffic you want to generate.


Tool : Google Local Business Centre

Address : click here

Purpose : To have your business appear on the Map that Google shows on its front page when people do searches for local products and servcies. More than likely you will be one of 10 but you will be on the front page of Google – its definitely worth the time and effort.

Ease of use : Very straight forward to register and set up with the added options of showing images and files. Well worth taking advantage of and be aware that Google do verify it is your business.

Cost : Free



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