A guide on what to say on your home page

Your home page is normally where most of your visitors will first see your website and you have between 4 and 10 seconds to impress them before they will either decide to continue reading or run away. If they run away they will most likely never return again.
The home page sets the scene for the rest of your website and its objective is to capture the visitors immediate interest and motivate them to explore your site or take whatever next step you want them to.You want to be able to picture your visitor nodding his/her head as they read/scan your home page.

To be able to properly represent the benefits of your business to your visitors it is critical that you first have an intimate understanding of your target market and the challenges they face. If you havent already it would pay to re-visit one of my earlier blogs on “Take a walk in your visitors shoes”.
Armed with the answers to these questions and your intimate knowledge of your target market listed below is a guide on what to say on your home page.
  1. Keep the information your present on your home page to the point and benefit orientated. People are scanners so use headings to get your message across and break up the content.
  2. Start with what is known as a H1 Heading (biggest heading in size and one Google pays attention to) and place it right where anyone visiting your site will immediately see it. ie At the top of the page and in the middle.
  3. Do not start with a “Welcome to our site” or talking about how wonderful your business is. The reality is at this early stage visitors dont care about your business, they only care about what your business can do for them. So talk to them, not at them about the benefits of using your business.
  4. Use the main H1 heading to talk directly at your target market, identifying with the problem or reason they would be visiting your site.
  5. Its always good to get the keywords that you have identified in this heading or at least the next smaller heading. As close to the beginning of the heading as possible – its a Google thing.
  6. Next tell your visitor who you work with. Identify the sort of businesses/industries/clients. If you think your product/service applies to everyone then you havent completed the 10 questions or identified your online target market. Best to do so before going any further.
  7. Find a way to show them that you know about the challenge or predicament they are in by directing them towards a solution or outcome that has helped others. Talking about results is a good thing here.
  8. If you have done the job well so far it should be easy to imagine that the visitor is nodding their head or identifying with what you have written. So they like what they are reading and now would be a good time to prove to them that you are credible and successful. This will vary from business to business but could include a statement about how many businesses you have worked with, some associations or even testimonials.
  9. One of the last things to consider is the call to action or suggesting where you want them to go next. Opt-in boxes offering free reports, contact numbers for enquiries or links/buttons to more targeted information are some examples.
  10. Its a good idea to find a way to somehow demonstrate what you are about. eg. if you are selling advice then highlight some advice – 10 key things you need to know etc. If you are a coach then highlight some coaching concepts.
The above does require a bit of trial and error however the best way to determine if you are being successful is to monitor the site statistics. If you are seeing an increase in the amount of time spent on the site, a drop in the bounce rate and are measuring your calls to action then you are well on your way.
Have an amazing day
Richard Ferguson
Web Enhancer

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