What is Content Marketing and Why Should I Care ?

Content marketing is a concept that is really gaining in popularity and unless you sell products that don’t require research or compete primarily on price and convenience then you need to know about it.

It is Non-Interruption Marketing

Content marketing is all about communicating and sharing information, insights and answers with your visitors in a non threatening way that they will genuinely find of value and doesn’t sell to them. It is non-interruption marketing. The idea is to deliver information that makes your potential buyer more intelligent, positions you as the expert, builds credibility and loyalty and when they are ready they will buy from you.

For non-commodity type products & services

Ideal for businesses with complex services, high dollar volume products and longish sales cycles where your buyer will need to be educated or conduct further research before being ready to purchase. It shouldbe adopted in some form for any business that is not selling a commodity type product/service.

Buying cycles start with research

You should care because most of your potential customers start their buying cycle by doing their research on the web and will choose to develop a relationship with those businesses that have adopted a content marketing approach. With so much choice and competition buyers are looking for information and value that will assist them in their process. If your website only talks about you (ie a brochure type site) and doesn’t communicate value in a non-threatening way then opportunity lost and conversion rates fall.

Some Content Marketing ideas to start with

If you are looking for ideas about how to better present and structure your content so visitors will find it appealing then put yourself in their shoes and start with some of these points :

  • What do you offer that you know is of real value to your prospects and customers ?
  • Better define your unique selling proposition and communicate it in a more detailed and informative way.
  • Get together with your team and define what problems you have solved for your customers.
  • What results or approaches have lead to success.
  • Consider a recent success story and define what happened.

Some Content Marketing Approaches to Consider

Here is a quick list of some content marketing approaches that you could create :
  • Well written white papers
  • A research report
  • Blogs
  • eBooks
  • Podcasts & Video’s
  • An article series
  • Webinar’s
  • Tips and Tools section

Until next time, all the best

Richard Ferguson
Web Enhancer

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