Top 5 Reasons to Update your Website NOW rather than later

  1. It is costing you sales opportunities. Almost all potential prospects will check your website out prior to doing with business with you. A poorly built and maintained site would be costing you sales opportunities and what’s worst is that you probably don’t even know they are going to your competitor.
  2. It is lengthening your sales process. Following on from point 1 if it doesn’t cost you the sale it will lengthen the sales process as you will create doubt in their mind that then needs to be overcome. That means handling unnecessary objections.
  3. It is damaging your credibility with existing customers and reducing opportunities for repeat business. A well maintained and functional site continues to build relationships past the initial sale through various forms of on-going and relevant communication. Repeat business is a key driver for any successful business.
  4. It is making your business look tired and small. If you are not attending to your site on a regular basis, its like never changing the presentation in your shop front window. Eventually dust gathers on your products and services and visitors stay away. People like to do business with dynamic businesses that are always looking to add value for them in some way.
  5. It is time to get a return on your investment in your website. You have probably already invested several thousand dollars in your website but have not set things up to determine how or if it is working for you. Time to review that and set up the necessary objectives and systems so you can see a ROI.

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